Research Interests

  • Advanced Nonlinear Finite Modelling
  • Earthquakes and human behavior towards resilient communities
  • Seismic performance of nonstructural component and systems
  • Large scale structural testing

Research Projects

  • Behavior of post-installed anchors in reinforced concrete shear walls of different aspect ratios subjected to simulated seismic loads
  • Simulated seismic response of GFRP-reinforced concrete columns

    Check out our publications

    • Have you ever seen a wall cyclic shear test? We tested three full-scale reinforced concrete walls at UCSD with post-installed anchors to understand anchorage seismic performance in mixed-mode cracked concrete, with the support of Hilti.
    • Wonder how concrete wall specimens are built? Look at this video, when we built two low aspect ratio reinforces concrete shear walls at UCSD. All those cables are that you see are the strain gauges, sensors used to measure the strain in the reinforcement.