• Many research opportunities available for:
    • undergrads
    • grads
    • Prospective PhD students: We have an amazing Joint Doctoral Program with the University of California San Diego (UCSD)! Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply to the college of engineering before the deadline (typically mid-December).
    • Postdocs
    • Visiting international students (grads- PhDs- postdocs)
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Current undergrad and graduate students:

  • Stephania Moreno (Master thesis)
  • Tegan Goodman (Undergrad)
  • Josiah Imperial (Undergrad)
  • Jess Rubio (Undergrad)

Current co-advised students:

  • Master students
    • Mohammadsadegh Shahrokhi (Dr. Mirvalad, Iran University of Science and Technology)
    • Nasser Nabizadeh Moghaddam (Dr. Buratti, University of Bologna, Italy)
  • PHD Students
    • Maria Giulia Parmiani (Dr. Orta, Tecnologico de Monterrey)

Past students

Kathryn Samuels; Linneah Gomez 

Contact me at gfaraone@sdsu.edu or LinkedIn